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Vacation In Peace with These Home Preparation Tips

Posted Sep 15th, 2021 in Did You Know?, General, Home Insurance, In the News, Insurance Tips, Media

With the Thanksgiving long weekend approaching, you might be heading out of town for a few days to spend time with family. Consider these tips that will help prepare your home before you leave for vacation.

Vacation In Peace with These Home Preparation Tips, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

When preparing to leave for a vacation, road trip, or long weekend, it’s easy to overlook basic home safety precautions amid the hustle of trying to pack. To protect your home while you’re away and enjoy a worry-free trip, keep in mind the following tips.

Why It’s Important to Prepare your Home Before Vacation

10 Simple Tips to Prepare your Home

  1. Unplug small home appliances.
  2. Stop the newspaper and mail delivery to your home. For instructions on how to do this, visit the Canada Post’s website.
  3. Lock all windows and doors.
  4. Arrange to have your lawn mowed or snow shoveled while you’re away.
  5. Have a neighbour keep an eye on your home during the vacation.
  6. Avoid leaving your house key outside your home while on vacation, even if you think it’s in a safe place.
  7. Set timers on inside lights and install a motion-activated sensor on outdoor floodlights.
  8. Consider turning off your home’s water.
  9. Avoid posting photos of your vacation on social media until after you return home.
  10. Freeze a container of water and place it in your freezer with a coin on top. If the coin is at the bottom of the container when you return home this means that there has been a power outage while you were on vacation, and the food may have defrosted and refroze.

Insurance Considerations

A willingness to prepare before you go on vacation can make all the difference when it comes to preventing damage to your home. However, accidents can still occur, and it’s important to ensure you have adequate insurance coverage.

We hope you found these home preparation tips helpful! If you’re going away, we hope you have a wonderful vacation. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving weekend!

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