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Youngs Insurance Brokers Inc. offers customizable auto insurance policies to Ontario drivers with various coverage and deductible options.

We recognize that no two drivers are alike – nor are their needs. 

That's why we assess your personal situation and consider many variables when selecting your auto insurance policy.

Our goal is to ensure we match your coverage to your individual driving experience and lifestyle.

Although auto insurance is mandatory in Ontario, with more than 400,000 automobile accidents occurring each year, most drivers choose more than the mandatory coverage required by law.

Allow us to assess the financial risk that may occur if you are involved in an accident, thus limiting your personal financial responsibility.

We can customize a policy designed to protect your vehicle(s), as well as personal injury.

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May 20th, 2022

Many people like to modify their vehicles by customizing them to suit their personal likes and interests or to add increased performance or comfort. Many great modifications can be made to your vehicle, but before you make any changes it is important to know which changes will affect your auto insurance premium!

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