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How to Stay Safe on a Boat During a Lightning Storm

Posted Jul 9th, 2021 in Boat Insurance, Did You Know?, General, In the News, Insurance Tips, Media

Weather in Ontario can change quickly, which means finding yourself on a boat during a lightning storm is a real possibility. It’s important you know what to do to keep yourself safe in this situation and we’ve shared tips.

How to Stay Safe on a Boat During a Lightning Storm, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

When you’re on the water with your boat, it’s important to be prepared for all situations including lightning storms. Throughout the boating season, while you’re exploring Ontario, you’ll want to follow our straightforward lightning safety tips if you ever find yourself in this predicament.

Three Easy Lightning Safety Tips for a Boat

#1 Make Responsible Decisions

You cannot always predict the weather, but you can make informed decisions about when the weather is likely to be ideal for boating. Be sure to check the weather reports and VHF to get the best picture of what the day will look like when you’re out on the boat.

Don’t forget to check out our tips on the best techniques to get your boat ready for the season.

#2 Find Land ASAP

If you do find yourself caught in a lightning storm while you’re on your boat, your priority should be trying to get back to land as soon as possible - preferably before it actually starts lightning. If the weather seems to be heading in the rainy, cloudy direction, consider being extra cautious and getting off the boat for the day.  

#3 Go in the Cabin

If your boat has a cabin it is best to go inside of it for full protection. We all know that during a lightning storm it is suggested to stay inside, so this is your best option when on a boat during a storm. Also, try to lower any antennas, fishing rods, or towers as well.

You can enjoy boating in Ontario all summer by being prepared. Although getting caught on a boat in a lightning storm can feel scary, it is best to stay calm and follow these tips to keep everyone as safe as possible. Getting a boat insurance quote in Ontario has never been simpler – use our Captain's Quick Quote today!



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