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Great Tips for Protecting Your Boat at the Dock This Summer

Posted May 21st, 2021 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Did You Know?, In the News, Boat Insurance

Ontario boat season is upon us! Avoiding damage to your boat is probably one of your main priorities, so, before you start your engine, be sure you read our helpful tips for protecting your boat at the dock this summer.

Great Tips for Protecting Your Boat at the Dock This Summer, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

Damage can happen to your boat on the open water but also while it is sitting at the dock. Significant damages like vandalism and theft can easily take place at your local marina. As a boat owner, it’s important to protect your boat at the dock this summer with these must-know tips.

Four Must-Know Tips for Protecting Your Boat at the Dock This Summer

#1 Marina and Boat Security

Even though marinas will claim they are secure, you should double-check how well your boat will be protected at the dock this summer. If you’re looking for a new marina, choose one that has security gates and monitored video security.

The thing is, anyone can paddle into a marina with the intention of wreaking havoc, which surprisingly is a common way thieves gain access to boats. Also, marinas and docks that are more popular will most likely get more public traffic and you may be at a higher risk of theft or damage to your boat.

Adding a security system, such as BRNKL to your boat is a fantastic idea, as it comes with sensors that when triggered set off flashing lights and a siren, scaring off intruders. With these extra precautions, you can be more confident your boat and belongings will be protected when it's sitting at the dock.

#2 Storing Valuables Properly

If you’re not with your boat, it’s paramount you don’t leave any valuables out, such as fishing gear, boat accessories, or your outboard motor unlocked. These are tempting items to thieves and a major motivator for theft.

As mentioned, even if your marina has security, there are still possibilities of theft, so protect your items by storing them away within your boat. You can even invest in a lockbox for smaller items on your boat.  

#3 Protective Boating Accessories

Not only do you have to protect your boat from people but also from different weather elements and natural damages. If you are able to adjust the type and quality of dock bumpers and bumper pads it is highly recommended. BetterBoat has explained this in detail in an article called, The Complete Guide to Boat Dock Bumpers.

If you’re not able to, make sure you invest in boat accessories such as quality boat fenders. Boating Magazine shared an insightful video titled, “On My Dock: Keeping Boat Fenders in Top Condition to Protect Your Boat,” watch it here. When tying your boat, Discover Boatsetter recommends using a nylon dock line rather than a traditional rope for better support.

#4 Boat Insurance

Purchasing quality boat insurance in Ontario is an essential part of protecting your investment and lifestyle against financial hardship. Try our quick boat quote today, getting a boat insurance quote in Ontario has never been simpler!

Boating season is fun and enjoyable, so as a boat owner, save yourself the hassle and protect your boat for the summer. Use these tips to protect your boat at the dock and if you have any questions about boat insurance, contact us today!



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