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5 Things To Know About Preparing Your Boat for Summer

Posted Jun 5th, 2019 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Did You Know?, In the News, Boat Insurance

For many of us, summer means enjoying the sun in a boat on the lake. To help you get your boat ready, we’ve provided a helpful checklist to review before heading out onto the water.  

5 Things To Know About Preparing Your Boat for Summer, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

Is Your Boat Ready for Summer?

If you’re a boat owner there are things you know you must follow yearly to ensure your boat is ready. To make things easier we’ve outlined a checklist for you to follow.

Summer Boat Preparation Checklist:

#1 Inspect the Battery

Use a battery tester to check the volts and amps.  Reattach the cables and make sure the terminals are free of corrosion.   

#2 Check the Oil

Change the engine oil in the spring if you didn’t change it before you put your boat away for the season.  You should also change the oil filter.

#3 Check the Fuel

It’s a good idea to change the fuel filter.  Also, make sure that the fuel line is attached and not cracked because the hoses can become dry in the winter.

#4 Tighten the Belts

Belts should fit snug into their pulley grooves and if they don’t, they could be worn and should be replaced. 

#5 Check Safety Equipment

Make sure all safety equipment such as life jackets, fire extinguishers, and radio are on the boat and are in good working condition. 

#6 Review Your Boat Insurance 

Your boat should have coverage year-round to protect it from several risks such as fire, theft, and vandalism.  To review your policy and ensure your boat is adequately insured, please speak with your broker. Your broker will help customize your insurance so that you can enjoy the summer on your boat worry-free.

We want you to feel prepared, so you can really enjoy all that boating has to offer and hope you found this checklist helpful!

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