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The Ultimate Revelation Of The Best Smart Home Technology

Posted Apr 28th, 2021 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Home Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

Technology is constantly advancing and every year, new devices become available. Smart home technology is no exception and we’ve compiled a list of our favourite devices.

The Ultimate Revelation Of The Best Smart Home Technology, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

If you’re interested in making your home a “smart home,” you’ve come to the right place. In no particular order, we’re sharing our top five favourite smart home technology and devices.

Our Top 5 Favourite Smart Home Devices

#1 Vivint Home Security System

Vivint protects your home from intruders and from environmental threats like floods and fires. This device allows you to keep your home safe and secure and lets you monitor everything remotely. It provides 24/7 home security monitoring, and if your smoke alarm goes off, the Smart Home Monitoring specialists will dispatch the fire department.

#2 Nest Thermostat

The Nest Thermostat is a great option and they offer affordable models that allow you to control your heating and cooling system by voice or mobile app. You can even set temperature schedules and monitor your energy consumption remotely.

#3 Wyze Bulb

The name of this product may sound familiar since Wyze is known for its affordable home security cameras. The Wyze Bulb is one of the most affordable LED bulbs and offers fascinating features such as built-in Wi-Fi, scheduling options, support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands, and interaction with other smart home devices.

#4 Anova Precision Cooker Wi-Fi

Using the Anova Precision Cooker Wi-Fi for cooking has never been easier! You can control the cooking process using Anova itself or from anywhere with your phone. There is even an app for your phone that provides step-by-step recipes that will help you cook meals to perfection – simply with the touch of a button.

#5 Furbo Dog Camera

The Furbo is a security camera for your dog and provides clear video via the app so you can watch your beloved pet, even in the dark. This device will alert you when your dog is barking, and it provides two-way audio so you can hear and talk to your pet. It even let’s you toss treats pet when you’re not home! Since pets are a major part of our family, this is a fantastic device worth investing in. If you have pets, make sure you read our fascinating article, Unbelievable Facts About How Dogs Impact Home Insurance, click here.

After reading about these awesome smart home devices, do you plan on investing in new smart home technology? We’re certain some of these devices will help to make life easier! To learn even more about various smart home devices and technology, we recommend, checking out PCMag’s article here.

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