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A Straightforward Guide to Making Your Home Safer

Posted Apr 15th, 2020 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Home Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

When it comes to safety, you can never be too careful. That’s why we’ve created a helpful guide featuring five simple steps to ensure your home is significantly safer.

A Straightforward Guide to Making Your Home Safer, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

This guide will assist you in making your home safer without breaking the bank or undertaking a big renovation.

With social distancing currently being enforced, you have plenty of time to do some minor improvements to your home that will make it safer for everyone. Follow our guide, with its easy steps to safety.

A 5-Step Guide to a Creating a Safer Home

Step 1 | Add or Improve Lighting

Make sure the inside of your home is adequately lit and light switches are accessible immediately upon entering a room or hallway. For outside your home, ensure all walkways and entrances are lit. If you have a pool, the area surrounding must be sufficiently lit as well. This will help keep everyone home safe while deterring potential intruders.

Step 2 | Examine your Front Door

The professionals at, suggest you examine your front door for possible weaknesses, which make it more of a target for burglars, they recommend:

  • Your front door should be made from solid hardwood or steel
  • To prevent burglars from kicking in the door, install a deadbolt strike plate
  • Get a doorway reinforcement kit

Step 3 | Secure Your Rugs

Something as simple as adding a carpet grip under your rug(s) can make it much safer. It will also help eliminate the nuisance of constantly needing to adjust it. 

Step 4 | Protect Sliding Windows and Doors

Sliding windows and doors can be a source for concern when it comes to safety, as they can be easily slid off their tracks., provides the following suggestions:

  • Put a dowel or shower curtain rod in the track
  • Install window sensor alarms

Step 5 | Add Railings

Typically, large flights of stairs within homes have railings. But often, we neglect the small flights that only have 2, 3, or 4 steps. Adding a railing to these can make your home much safer with little inconvenience. This is especially important outside your home where steps can become slippery due to weather. We recommend you hire a licenced professional for this.

In addition, here are a couple other important and helpful ways to ensure your home is safe:

We hope our 5-step guide helps you establish a safer home. Remember, any changes to your home should be reported to your Insurance Broker, contact us today!

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