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Defensive Driving and Why You Should Practice it

Posted Mar 17th, 2021 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Auto Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

Defensive driving is one of the best ways to avoid an accident. Most of us are aware of this but don’t always practice it. We’ve shared insightful safety tips that are a great reminder.

Defensive Driving and Why You Should Practice it, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

Practicing defensive driving needs to become a habit that is never broken. Ultimately, the safety tips below will help you remember what exactly defensive driving is and potentially help you avoid an accident.

Three Simple Defensive Driving Safety Tips

#1 Avoid distractions:

The second your eyes come off the road or your attention goes from driving to something that's not driving you are distracted. Keep your radio at a reasonable level, avoid in-depth discussions with passengers and stay away from your phone. In addition, it is helpful to ensure your car is properly maintained and receives regular maintenance, to avoid distractions while driving.

#2 Don’t follow too closely:

This is important because it is easy to forget. In an ideal situation, there should be approximately two car lengths between you and the vehicle behind and in front of you. Failure to abide by this leads to a greater risk of a rear-end collision; especially when road conditions are less than ideal. Use your judgment, as there may be times when the distance needs to be greater (typically in inclement weather).

#3 Look ahead:

Outside of texting and driving or driving while impaired one of the worst habits to get into is focusing on the car in front of you while driving. Although it's important to pay attention to them, it is also important to look at the road so you can see any potential changing lights, stopped cars, or other hazards. This will allow you to adjust your driving accordingly and leave more time for reaction.

If you’re a parent with a teenager at home, we recommend sharing this or informing them of the importance of defensive driving. Also, you may want to read, Precious Tips To Help Get Better At Teaching Your Teenage Driver, by clicking here.

Defensive driving is one of those good habits that the more we practice the more natural it becomes. We hope this helps you stay safe on the road!

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