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Five Important Office Cleaning Tips for Winter

Posted Jan 27th, 2021 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Commercial Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

The winter season provides picturesque snowfalls, but it also means business owners must prepare to clean their offices more often and more carefully.

Five Important Office Cleaning Tips for Winter, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

Sure, the snow is lovely to see in the winter, however, it adds a great deal of extra work when it comes to cleaning. Businesses must have extra cleaning practices in place to ensure offices stay clean and safe for employees and customers. We have some great tips on how to keep your business clean throughout winter. 

5 Office Cleaning Tips for Business Owners

#1 Snow Removal

Having the snow maintained outside of your office is important to limit the amount of snow being tracked inside, among other things. Ensure your parking lot and walkways are clear of ice and snow to avoid slip and fall incidents. If the area surrounding your office is large, you can hire a removal service to ensure everything is properly maintained. 

#2 Indoor Air Should Be Clean

Air is continuously circulated throughout offices so be sure your HVAC systems are properly cleaned and maintained. This will help limit the number of germs getting circulated, keeping your employees healthy.

#3 Clean the Floors

Maintaining cleans floors during the winter months seems impossible, especially in areas with more traffic. In winter, salt and snow will be tracked inside regularly and can ruin the floors; using entrance mats will help combat this. Ensure floors are regularly washed and vacuumed to protect employees and customers. 

#4 Always Disinfect

Regularly using disinfectant sprays in the office can help stop the spread of germs and keep employees healthy. This is especially important right now with COVID-19 cases on the rise. Be sure to provide your employees with disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer to further prevent the spread of bacteria and germs.

#5 Rely on Professionals

The best way to ensure your office is clean is to hire professionals who specialize in cleaning and sanitizing. This way you can focus on your business instead of the mess winter can bring.

Keeping your office clean in the winter can be overwhelming but we hope these tips have helped you get started with a winter office cleaning plan for your business.     

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