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7 Quick Tips to get your Business Winter Ready

Posted Nov 13th, 2017 in General, Insurance Tips, Commercial Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

We have an important message for business owners - winter is around the corner! Considering the increased risk winter brings, we want to make sure your business is protected from unnecessary losses and claims so we’ve put together a list of helpful tips.

7 Quick Tips to get your Business Winter Ready, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

With winter weather on the way, it’s important you get your business ready for it. Check out our 7 quick tips to get your business winter ready.

#1 | Hire a Snow Removal Contractor

Winter means snow and icy walkways, which increases the likelihood of someone falling.  Hiring a company to take care of your business’s winter maintenance means one less thing you will have to worry about, not to mention you are protecting staff and customers from getting injured.  ALWAYS request a certificate of insurance so that you know for certain they are properly insured for snow removal.  If you are unable to hire a company, be sure to meticulously document the date and time snow was removed and sanded or salted.

#2 | Prepare for Slippery Floors

Snow inside melts – so make sure during the winter months you avoid slippery floors, which are a major hazard.  It would be wise to invest in quality non-slip floor mats to place at all entrances and other high traffic areas. Mop up any melted snow and be sure to use wet floor caution signs.

#3 | Shut Off & Drain Outside Water Lines

Just like you do at your home, it’s important to drain and shut off outside water lines, as neglecting to do so can result in plumbing to freeze and rupture.  This will cause a significant amount of damage to your business when the water flows back into the building.

#4 | Check the Heating System

Before using the furnace, consider having a contractor clean and inspect the furnace before turning it on.

#5 | Check Sump Pumps

Ensure you have directed melting the snow away from your business property and make sure the sump pumps are working properly and install a battery backup so they can still work during a power outage.

#6 | Clean Gutters & Eaves

By removing leaves and other debris from the gutters and eaves it will ensure melting snow has a clear path to escape.

#7 | Check the Roof

Make sure your roof is sealed and watertight and look for signs of deterioration.

Take the necessary precaution this winter to ensure you protect your business!

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