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8 Quick Tips to Avoid Slip & Falls at Work This Winter

Posted Feb 3rd, 2020 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Commercial Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

Icy and snowy winter conditions can easily result in slip and falls. That’s why it’s essential you prepare your employees with helpful safety tips to avoid any issues.

Tips to Avoid Slip & Falls at Work This Winter, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

We understand the ramifications a slip and fall can have on your business, so be sure to educate employees with our quick winter safety tips.

The below tips for your employees are in addition to important snow removal and ice maintenance.

8 Winter Slip & Fall Safety Tips

Tip 1 | Hiring a company to maintain your business grounds from winter weather is a helpful way to ensure ice and snow are removed as needed. If that’s not available to you, properly train an employee to be responsible for this.

Tip 2 | Be very careful entering and exiting vehicles; use the vehicle as a crutch.

Tip 3 | Proper footwear is essential, plastic and leather-soled shoes and boots can cause issues in slippery conditions. Perhaps wear winter boots getting to work and switch into work shoes once inside.

Tip 4 | Avoid going near any drops in elevation whether it be a roof or a hole in the ground.

Tip 5 | Use small steps to help keep your balance and remember to walk cautiously. Keep your HANDS FREE and out of your pockets, this helps maintain balance.

Tip 6 | Stay away from inclines, especially ones you find difficult in dry conditions.

Tip 7 | Create a system for employees to report any slip and/or trip hazards.

Tip 8 | Take advantage of nearby handrails, walls, or other sturdy objects for balance.

We hope these winter slip and fall safety tips help keep you and your employees safe this winter!  In addition, if you have employees that work outside in winter, read Useful Tips for Working Outside in Cold Weather.

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