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Four Essential Winter Car Accessories

Posted Feb 10th, 2020 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Auto Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

Winter driving in Ontario is no joke, we need every advantage possible to stay safe and warm. We’ve outlined some essential car accessories that will make winter driving more pleasant.

Four Essential Winter Car Accessories, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

We’ve shared car accessories that are available to help you feel more comfortable this winter.

Four Must-Have Car Accessories This Winter

#1 Heated Seat Covers

If your car doesn’t have heated seats, this is a cost-friendly alternative. Heated seat covers are one of many accessories aimed at making your winter driving experience more pleasant.  A comfortable driver is a less distracted driver.

#2 Remote Starter

For many, a “must-have” for winter is a remote car starter. Warming your car up before you get in and depart provides you a better winter driving experience. However, there are two sides to examine when it comes to if it impacts your car. Read, “Are There Benefits Of Idling Your Car This Winter?” for more information.

#3 Winter Emergency Kit

Should you experience any car troubles in the winter or come across undrivable weather be sure to practice safe roadside stopping procedures. Furthermore, make sure you have a winter emergency survival kit in your car to help keep you warm and safe.

#4 Heated Steering Wheel Covers

Much like the heated seat covers a heated steering wheel cover makes winter driving more enjoyable. Not to mention, it permits you to have a better grip on the wheel, as gloves can make steering more difficult.

If you take advantage of these winter car accessories, let us know what you think! We hope they improve your winter driving experience.

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