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3 Ways To Avoid a Vehicle Breakdown This Winter

Posted Jan 20th, 2020 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Auto Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

The only thing worse than experiencing vehicle failure is dealing with that in winter. We have some tips to help you avoid any breakdowns this season.

3 Ways To Avoid a Vehicle Breakdown This Winter, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

How can your engine overheat in the winter? Why is your vehicle's battery more likely to die in the winter? We answer all these questions and more by providing helpful solutions and advice below.

3 Tips To Avoid a Vehicle Breakdown This Winter

1 | Overheating

As odd as it sounds your vehicle can overheat in the winter. The chilly temperatures can cause your motor oil to become thicker and not circulate as efficiently, leading to your vehicle overheating.  This can be prevented by switching to a thinner oil in the winter and/or ensuring you are staying on top of your regular oil change schedule. 

2 | Squealing

Ever start your vehicle in the winter and hear an ear-piercing squeal? This can be a sign that your radiator is either cracked or frozen. This can be prevented by ensuring the coolant levels under the hood of your vehicle are topped up before the winter. Another helpful way to avoid this issue is by parking your vehicle indoors during the winter, this will help prevent freezing.

3 | Dead Battery

In the winter your vehicle's battery is more likely to die.  This is because the colder weather makes it more difficult for your vehicle to recharge the battery. To avoid this hassle check your battery’s voltage and ensure it's around 12.40 – 12.77 volts. This is a safe range that shouldn't leave you stranded. You can also invest in a battery for your vehicle that is specific for cold climates.

We hope these tips help keep your car in working order this winter. If an emergency should come up be sure to follow safe roadside stop procedures.

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