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Store Owner? Read Our Holiday Season Theft Prevention Tips

Posted Nov 22nd, 2019 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Commercial Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

The holidays may bring larger crowds and increased revenue to your business, but they can also increase your exposure to theft and pose safety risks. Read our helpful theft prevention tips.

Holiday Season Theft Prevention Tips, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

It’s important to take the proper steps to secure your business all year round, but it’s particularly vital during the holiday season when your revenues are higher.

How can you minimize the threat of theft and keep your employees and shoppers safe? We’ve outlined three simple tips that will help you protect your business this holiday season.

3 Holiday Theft Prevention and Safety Tips For Your Business

Tip 1 | Implement holiday-specific safety protocols

With the holiday crowds making your business a busier place, health and safety risks are magnified. Be sure to review all health and safety protocols with staff leading up to the holiday season and ensure they are extra diligent during that time.  Furthermore, we’d suggest reading Avoiding Office Holiday Décor Safety Hazards to further protect your business.  

Tip 2 | Establish crowd control measures

Large crowds make it easier for thieves to get away unseen and they can also pose safety concerns, especially if there is overcrowding and/or an emergency situation. Determine what is a safe number of shoppers is in your store and have an employee monitor this. If the number of shoppers exceeds your amount, they can wait outside your business until others leave. This will help prevent theft and keep customers safe.

Tip 3 | Ensure loss prevention and anti-theft devices are properly functioning

Preventing theft starts with having the right tools. It is important that your business utilizes the following anti-theft devices:

  • Security cameras
  • Two-way mirrors and corner mirrors
  • Product security tags
  • Shelf locks

    Remember, it’s essential you instruct your team will all holiday safety protocols each year. That refresher could be the difference between a joyous and challenging holiday season!

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