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The Modern Rules For Black Friday Shopping

Posted Nov 20th, 2019 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Auto Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

Planning on crossing the border this Black Friday? You need to check out our Black Friday travel tips to help you get over the border efficiently both ways and maximize shopping time!

Modern Rules for Black Friday Shopping, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

This year Black Friday is on November 29th and thousands of shoppers are going to flock across the border to take advantage of some great Black Friday deals.

Border Crossing Tips for Black Friday Shopping

Use Available Resources

Canadian shoppers looking to take advantage of some Black Friday deals will likely face longer wait times and lots of traffic at the border. If you're crossing over in the Niagara Region you have 3 options - be sure to use the links below to find the shortest wait time!

Fill Your Gas Tank Before Your Shopping Cart

You may want to wait until you’ve crossed the border to fill your tank up with some cheap gas so you have more spending money for Black Friday shopping. However, if your gas tank is low, it's important to fill up beforehand to ensure a long wait at the border doesn’t result in your car running out of fuel.

Waiting Game

Thousands of Ontarians are going to be making the trip over the border for Black Friday shopping; be prepared to wait up to two hours to cross the border. Prepare yourself for this by using the restroom before leaving and eating a good meal. Also, you shouldn’t zigzag between lanes - you’ll hold everyone up!

Be Strategic

On Black Friday you should try to cross the border at non-peak times such as very early morning (before 7:00 A.M.) or late afternoon when entering.  When coming back to Canada, you will have less traffic to deal with after 9:00 P.M.

We hope our tips help you have an enjoyable and efficient day Black Friday Shopping!

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