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Stay Away from Spooky Insurance Claims This Halloween

Posted Oct 4th, 2021 in Auto Insurance, Did You Know?, General, In the News, Insurance Tips, Media

Property damage, burglary, and other crime-related insurance claims tend to increase around Halloween. Have no fear, we’re here to help protect you and reduce your risks this spooky season!

Stay Away from Spooky Insurance Claims This Halloween, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

As the Halloween season approaches, it's a prudent time to review your home insurance policies, especially the liability coverage, to guarantee adequate protection during the festive celebrations. With the potential increase in foot traffic around homes, the use of decorations, and hosting gatherings, ensuring proper coverage becomes paramount. Take a moment to assess your liability insurance to safeguard against unforeseen accidents or property damage that may occur during Halloween activities. It's essential to make any necessary updates or additions to your policy now to avoid potential liabilities later. Securing the right insurance coverage can offer peace of mind and financial security during this lively and spirited time of the year

How To Not Get Spooked By Insurance Claims On Halloween

Insurance Tip #1 | Protect Your Home

One of the best methods of protecting your home on Halloween is to stay home or at least make it look like someone is home. Vacated homes are the most susceptible to criminal activity like burglaries, destruction, or vandalism. If you are out trick-or-treating or at a party, keep the lights on, and maybe even put up a sign saying you ran out of candy to give the impression you are home.

Insurance Tip #2 | Protect Your Car

Your home is not the only thing that needs to stay protected from possible insurance claims on Halloween. Storing your car in the garage can limit the risks of a break-in or vandalism. No garage? Lock up and keep any valuables inside your home, not in your car overnight.

Insurance Tip #3 | Safely Set Up Decorations

Decorating your home with inflated ghosts, candles and spooky lights is always fun. Make sure to securely fasten any outdoor decorations to prevent them from getting blown away or falling into walkways, which could potentially cause injuries or property damage.

Insurance Tip #4 | Do A Property Check 

Halloween night typically means having many visitors to your property. Before it gets dark, scan your property for potential hazards that could harm a visitor or trick-or-treater. Protect your visitors and keep an eye out for things sticking out of the ground, electrical cords on the ground, big steps up to your property, low-hanging trees, or overgrown bushes, etc. Adequate outdoor lighting can also help prevent accidents and reduce the risk of claims.

Insurance Tip #5 | Ensure Candy Is Safe 

Protect yourself and steer clear of handing out homemade treats, non-sealed or packaged items, or expired treats. Go with peanut-free treats as an even safer bet, and protect your trick-or-treats who have allergies. In addition to teats, read more spooktacular Halloween safety tips for children. 

Insurance Tip #6 | Responsible Hosting 

If you are hosting Halloween parties or events,  be a responsible host by controlling alcohol consumption, monitoring guests' behaviour, and discouraging any dangerous or reckless activities that could lead to liability claims

Insurance Tip #7 | Monitor candle usage

Consider opting for flameless or battery-operated candles instead of traditional candles to minimize the risk of fire-related incidents. This can prevent accidents such as costumes catching fire or decorations igniting. If you choose to use conventional candles for decorative purposes, advise them to never leave candles unattended and to keep them away from flammable materials or areas with heavy foot traffic.

Insurance Tip #8 | Pet Safety

It is recommended to keep pets indoors during Halloween to prevent them from getting scared or agitated, potentially causing harm to themselves or others.

Be prepared for Halloween’s tricks, and follow our tips to stick with the treats. We hope you have a fun spooky season, free of insurance claims!

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