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Is it Mandatory for Employees to be WHMIS Trained in Ontario?

Posted Sep 1st, 2021 in Commercial Insurance, Did You Know?, General, In the News, Insurance Tips, Media

In Ontario, employers are responsible for ensuring employees are safe at work, and providing WHMIS training is part of this. Read below to learn more about WHMIS training and who must be certified.

Is it Mandatory for Employees to be WHMIS Trained in Ontario? Youngs Insurance, Ontario

Understanding Everything Regarding WHMIS Training Employees in Ontario

What is WHMIS?

WHMIS stands for Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System and is a Canada-wide system created in 1988 to give employers and employees information about hazardous materials used in the workplace. One of its main functions is to reduce workplace injuries and illness.

Who Needs WHMIS Training in Ontario?

WHMIS training is legally required for everyone in Canada who works with or may encounter hazardous materials at work. In Ontario, WHMIS legislation applies to all workplaces except farms.

What is the Responsibility of Employers?

Employers must ensure that their employees are trained on hazardous products before they use them. The type and amount of training are dependent on whether a product is new to the workplace and/or newly classified as a hazardous product.

Is WHMIS Training Available Online?


If you or your employees are still in need of WHMIS training, the certification can be done online through the website. The online WHMIS certification is a convenient solution for:

  • Anyone starting a new job and need their WHMIS certificate prior to starting
  • Employees who want to improve their WHMIS safety knowledge
  • Self-employed workers
  • Employers who need to provide WHMIS training to their workers
  • Employment agencies that need to train their placements

As an employer in Ontario, it is your duty to provide a safe work environment for your employees, which is why WHMIS training is mandatory and necessary. Employee safety is crucial – read this, Why You Should Implement Company Safety Meetings

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