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Ways to Improve Employee Well-being

Posted Apr 27th, 2020 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Commercial Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

Your employees are your most valued business asset. It is vital to keep their well-being in mind, and we have tips to help you!

Ways to Improve Employee Well-being, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

The following blog was written by guest contributor Linda Marshall, President of Marshall Connects, TV Host, and author of Giving Back, How to Find Your Personal Joy and Make a Difference to Others and The Power of Emotion.

Often employees spend an unhealthy length of time at their desks, which can be unproductive as well as create a plethora of health issues that can take a toll on their well-being.

A best practice is to focus on keeping the mind, body, and spirit whole in the workplace, including making your employee’s mental health as a priority.

Taking good care of your people and demonstrating their value goes a long way to improving well-being.

Emotionally intelligent leaders make employee appreciation part of healthy work culture. When employees feel appreciated and good about their relationship with the leader/organization, their motivation, commitment, and loyalty are reflected in their work. At the end of the day, “it’s always how you make people feel” that affects their attitude.

5 Simple Tips for Promoting Employee Well-being

Tip 1 | Don’t expect perfection, it’s not possible

No one is perfect, so expecting perfection is setting everyone up for failure. When a team member makes an error, handle the situation with respect and compassion. You’ll be surprised how positively this approach will affect the team member’s future performance and overall motivation as well as send a positive message to others. Instead of perfection, focus on excellence. Here’s how to shift your focus.

Tip 2| Be flexible and promote work-life balance

Studies have shown that greater flexibility given to employees results in higher productivity. By allowing an employee to arrive later in the morning or leave earlier at the end of the day, you may be allowing them to drop off or pick up their child at school and avoid caregiving fees.

Tip 3| Develop a mentorship program

Without question cultivating a mentorship program will lead to increased and sustainable success for all involved. Such programs contribute to managing human resource challenges, including retention, succession planning, as well as the overall well-being of your team.

An in-house mentorship program provides an opportunity for more experienced or knowledgeable staff to guide new or less-skilled staff. Offering mentorship opportunities validates the organization’s commitment to the entire team.

Tip 4| Forget about the boring board room meetings

Unfortunately, creativity and excitement aren’t the first feelings a boardroom meeting evokes. Shake up the routine by conducting offsite or walking meetings.  It will allow your team to interact and experience a different space that may provoke new ideas!

Tip 5| Get everyone involved in giving back

As a business owner, it’s essential to give back to the communities you operate in.  Allowing employees, the opportunity to get involved with local charities or help decide where the business donations might go during work time is a great way to make everyone feel good!

When it comes to employees, we understand they are our most vital asset.  We hope this sheds light on the importance of employee well-being and makes a difference.


Guest Writer and Author, Linda Marshall

Linda Marshall, President of Marshall Connects, is a TV Host of Business Wellness in Hamilton, author of Giving Back, How to Find Your Personal Joy and Make a Difference to Others and The Power of Emotion (coming Fall 2020).

Through Marshall Connects, as a certified EQ-i trainer, Linda offers consulting services, engaging workshops, dynamic coaching, and meaningful keynotes with one goal: to grow, develop and inspire her audiences – your people.

All of these services promote the development of strong leadership and team dynamics, as well as engaged employees and teams. Furthermore, they build connections and emotional intelligence for positive outcomes in work and life. MORE INFO HERE »

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