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How to Plan Fun Summer Activities for Employees

Posted Jul 12th, 2021 in Commercial Insurance, Did You Know?, General, In the News, Insurance Tips, Media

As an employer, we completely understand that productivity decreases in summer. We’ve compiled a list of fun summer activities you can do with employees to keep them engaged all summer long!

How to Plan Fun Summer Activities for Employees, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

We get it - it’s hard going to work during the summer, especially since it means being stuck inside while the sun is shining outside. So, how can you make work fun for your employees? Check out our list of activities below.

Considering the challenging year we’ve had with most activities being cancelled due to the pandemic, it seems like the perfect time to plan fun work activities. We’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and employees are probably starting to come back to work; what better way to celebrate that we can all be together again than with some fun work activities?

Four Awesomely Fun Summer Activities for Employees

1 | Ice Cream Day

Ice cream makes everything better and it’s a great way to welcome employees back and celebrate the summer. You can even turn this into a charitable initiative – treat your employees to a fun ice cream day and donate to a charity on their behalf.

2 | Dress Down Days

Now that we’re trading in relaxed clothing for office attire again, it would be nice to host dress-down days a few times per month. While dressing down isn’t a new concept, you can make it fun by having themes and encouraging employees to dress up to match the theme of choice. There can even be prizes for best dressed.

3 | Work Outside

If your type of business can be conducted outside, it would be great if employees could work while enjoying some vitamin D. One of the worst things about working in the summer is being stuck inside all day while the sun is shining outside. Allowing your employees to work outside whenever possible is a nice way to break up their day and enjoy the summer weather.

4 | Company BBQ

Host a company luncheon or outdoor barbecue a few times throughout the summer. It won’t take much planning and will help keep employees engaged and connected. Who wouldn’t want to be treated to lunch? Your employees work hard so treating them to lunch is a simple but kind gesture to say thank you.

Regardless of the type of business you operate, there are always ways to make work more fun. Summer is the perfect time to incorporate fun activities!

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