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Brilliant Ways to Keep Employees Engaged in Summer

Posted Jun 28th, 2021 in Commercial Insurance, Did You Know?, General, In the News, Insurance Tips, Media

During summer, it’s easy for our minds to wander to think about sunshine and vacation. As an employer, it’s difficult to keep your employees motivated during summer, but we’ve shared great tips to help keep employees engaged.

Brilliant Ways to Keep Employees Engaged in Summer, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

Many lose focus at work during the summer months because we feel like we’re missing out on warm weather, seasonal activities, and simply the opportunity to relax. Don’t worry, as an employer there are things you can do to help employees stay motivated and engaged at work – and these tips also demonstrate to employees you value their well-being!

Five Tips to Help Keep Employees Engaged During Summer

Tip 1: Allow Employees to Have a Flexible Schedule

If we’re learned anything through the pandemic, it’s that working remotely is possible. Allowing employees to work from home or have flex hours (even occasionally) is a perk that will help keep them engaged and motivated throughout summer.

According to a new Statistics Canada report, 58% of employees reported accomplishing the same amount of work per hour, and 32% reported accomplishing more work.

Tip 2: Engage in Fun Sport Activities

It’s always a great idea to incorporate a little fun at work and one of the best ways is to create a sports team. Whether it’s baseball, soccer, or any other sport, having fun together as a team is a great way to keep employees engaged and it helps promote a positive team dynamic.

Tip 3: Encourage Charitable Volunteering

A creative way to keep employees motivated at work is to allow them to have the opportunity to volunteer at a charity they are passionate about. This boosts company morale, but it also allows your business to stand out in the community. You can even offer gift matching programs and match the donations of your employees – they will appreciate working for a company that cares about making a difference.

Tip 4:  Set Goals with Rewards

Summer is the perfect time to set new company goals, as this is a great way to motivate employees. Perhaps you want to set sales goals or improve productivity. Whatever goals you choose, be sure to reward employees who achieve them.

Tips 5: Organize Social Events

Whether it’s dinner after work or a company picnic, social events can help employees stay engaged. You can even encourage employees to bring their family and play games with prizes.

It’s easy for employees to lose motivation when they’re stuck inside working while the sun is shining. We hope these tips will help your employees stay motived and engaged through the summer!

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