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Summer Car Accessories to Help Combat the Sun and Heat

Posted Jul 7th, 2021 in Auto Insurance, Did You Know?, General, In the News, Insurance Tips, Media

The summer sun and heat are no joke and can make the inside of a car feel like a sauna. We have a list of some great car accessories that will help combat any damage the sun and heat may cause.

Summer Car Accessories to Help Combat the Sun and Heat, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

Global News reports that a new study shows that a vehicle parked in the sun on a 37°C (100°F) day for one hour can reach an internal temperature of 46°C (116°F). So how can you prevent your car from getting so hot and how can you be better prepared for the sun and heat? We’ve shared answers on the best summer car accessories below.

The Top Five Car Accessories for Summer

#1 Sunshades

Sunshades help keep heat out and redirect UV rays. They are easy to put on your car’s windows and a bonus is that they aren’t very expensive. There are some manufacturers who even make shades for the front and back windshields.

#2 Dashboard Covers

Sometimes parking your car in the shade is impossible and this is when dashboard covers come in handy. Place them on your dashboard to prevent the surface from cracking – they absorb a lot of heat keeping your car cooler.

#3 Seat Covers

Not only do seat covers protect the car’s interior, but covers that are lighter in colour will also lower the temperature inside your car. If you happen to have leather seats, seat covers will also prevent your skin from sticking to them on hot days.

#4 Automatic Climate Control

Newer cars will come with automatic climate control but if your car doesn’t have this feature, the technology can most likely be installed. Simply program your desired temperature and the system will cool the air and adjust the fan speed accordingly, keeping you comfortable in the summer heat.

#5 Solar Fans

Another way to maintain a cool temperature in your car is by using a solar-powered ventilation fan. Since the sun acts as the battery, the fan will stay charged all summer and is ready to use the moment you get into your car.

While most of us enjoy the summer weather, getting into a hot car is a different story. We hope our list of summer car accessories will help keep you a little cooler this summer, especially if you plan on taking road trips. If you plan on taking your pet for a ride this summer, read this.

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