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Prevent Garage Fires with Leading Safety Tips

Posted May 26th, 2021 in Did You Know?, General, Home Insurance, In the News, Insurance Tips, Media

Garage fires can largely be prevented by following a few safety measures. To help ensure you and your family stay safe, we’ve compiled helpful garage fire safety tips.

Prevent Garage Fires with Leading Safety Tips, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

Garage fires are often extremely destructive, they have the ability to destroy whatever is in the garage and they can easily spread to other parts of your house. Not to mention, most garages contain flammable substances. Keep your garage and family safe by following these safety tips.

We suggest you read why having an emergency safety plan for your family is important and this insightful read on how to prevent a dryer fire.

Three Simple Tips to Prevent Garage Fires

#1 Declutter |

Too much clutter in your garage is very dangerous. Often garages hold storage boxes and other items that are highly flammable, meaning they can easily catch fire. It is best to keep your garage decluttered, organized and clean - routinely keeping your garage clean is a great way to help prevent a fire.

#2 Proper Storage |

If you have gasoline, paint, and/or other oils in your garage, you are like many others, as these are common items stored in garages. Although it may seem natural to put these items in the garage, every effort should be made to keep them away from your home as much as possible. These items are very likely to catch fire, so for safety reasons, it is best to store them in a shed. 

If that isn’t a possibility, opt for storing these items in small quantities to reduce your risk of fire and avoid other safety issues.

#3 Electronics and Outlets |

You may be surprised to learn that electrical malfunction is the number one source of garage fires – this extends to electrical tools and appliances.  

It’s important to practice proper safety habits when using and storing such items. To reduce your risk of garage fires, ensure everything is always properly plugged into a wall socket instead of a power bar. Also, extension cords are a common cause of electrical fires in the garage so avoid plugging tools into them whenever possible. Make sure you read this, as it outlines how to prevent electrical fires.

When it comes to your home and family, your main priority is safety. That’s why it’s vital to actively reduce the risk of fires and prevent damage to your garage and home. These safety tips are important to adopt into your life!

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