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The Advantages of Home Security and Savings

Posted Apr 14th, 2021 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Home Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

Installing a home security system increases your family’s safety, but did you know you may be eligible for savings on your home insurance, too? We have the answers for you below.

The Advantages of Home Security and Savings, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

Understanding How Home Security Potentially Impacts Insurance Costs

Less Risk, More Savings

Less risk usually means more savings when it comes to insurance costs. If you install a home security system, your insurance providers may recognize this, which could lead to potential savings or discounts. The amount of savings is dependent on your insurance provider, something your insurance broker can explain to you.

Savings vary between insurance companies, however, some of the factors affecting savings include the system you choose, your property, location, and current rates. You can likely expect a discount ranging anywhere between 5% and 20%. These savings will help offset your home security system monthly cost.  

Additional Benefits to Protecting Your Home

Among your savings, there are other benefits to protecting your home with a security system. Often the installation of security measures provides a better sense of safety and comfort. Furthermore, some security systems offer control over your garage door, thermostat, doorbell and include video recording, all of which provide additional relief.

Other Ways to Increase Home Security

If you’re looking for other ways to protect your home from possible issues, investigate additional features such as sump pump alarms, flood detectors, smart home technology, and extra video surveillance. Even more important than the potential savings, these extra precautions will keep your family safe and protected from any unknown hazards and dangers.

Contact your insurance broker to discuss home insurance savings, your options, and what is best for you. Every situation is different but taking extra measures to protect your family should always be a priority.

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