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October Is Car Safety Month, Are You Driving A Safe Vehicle?

Posted Oct 21st, 2020 in ADVICE, CARINSURANCE

October Is Car Safety Month, Are You Driving A Safe Vehicle, SnapQuote Insurance, Ontario

October is Car Safety Month, so we’re reminding you of the importance of maintenance and inspections to ensure your safety on the road.

Did you know October Is Car Safety Month? Here are some car maintenance and safety reminders.

Car Safety Month: How To Check In On Your Car

Check On Your Tires

Ensure your tires are inflated with the correct amount of air pressure and you can refer to your owner's manual for this number. You should also check for any nails or debris that may be punctured in your tires. Oh, and could you put a coin into the tread of your tires? If there are no longer distinguished grooves for the coin to slide into, your tire has probably seen too many kilometers and it might be time to change them.

Brake Check

Your brakes should be inspected once a year. Your mechanic will look for a rusty brake line, fluid leaks, brake pad wear, and damaged rotors. It's pretty obvious that having high-functioning brakes would be a key component to your safety on the road. If you think you're having brake troubles, learn more about what your brakes are trying to tell you.

Good Views?

Is your view from the driver’s seat clear? Now is the time to stop putting off that cracked windshield, damaged windshield wiper, or faulty rearview mirror. These things can obstruct your view and potentially put your safety in danger.

Listen For Noises

Squeaking or grinding noises when braking, unusual loud engine or exhaust noises, or odd noises when steering are definitely things worth having checked out.

Battery Check

If your battery hasn't been checked in the last three years, now is the time to do it before it decides to fail on you in the upcoming cold months. We know it's only October, but winter isn't that far away so you should be thinking about preparing your car for the upcoming winter

Schedule A Tune-Up

Preventative maintenance is key – make sure all the bells and whistles are in top shape!

Car safety should be a priority all year, but it's certainly helpful to be reminded about the importance of regular maintenance in October for Car Safety Month.

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