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Why You Can’t Drive Your Winter Tires In The Summer

Posted Jun 17th, 2020 in CARINSURANCE

Why You Cant Drive Your Winter Tires In The Summer, SnapQuote Insurance, Ontario

So, you forgot to get your winter tires off, and now it’s summer. It’s not a big deal to drive your car around with winter tires in the summer, right? Wrong. Here’s why.

Three Reasons Not To Drive Your Winter Tires During Summer Months

1 | Winter Tires Aren’t Built To Stand The Heat

They’re called winter tires for a reason. The rubber compound is designed for cold temperatures and to grip snow, slush, and ice. All-season tires are made with a harder rubber that can withstand the hot and dry summer weather.  

2 | You Could Be Putting Your Safety At Risk

Your winter tires can’t provide the same traction and capabilities that all-season tires would during the summer. Turning a corner quickly, and braking and accelerating can be compromised, in turn potentially putting your safety in jeopardy. Your safety could also be at risk during the next winter and you’re using over-worn tires.

3 | You’re Ruining Your Winter Tires

A set of winter tires isn’t cheap. Driving them in the summer months will quickly wear them, leaving the tires with less tread and impacting their lifespan. This also means you can decrease their performance for when you really need them, and you’ll end up having to replace them sooner than later.

There are different types of tires for different seasons for a reason. Leave that up to the experts who have considered climate, driving style, performance, and safety, and swap your winter tires out before summertime!

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