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4 Easy Rules Of Summer Car Care

Posted Jun 20th, 2018 in CARINSURANCE

4 Easy Rules Of Summer Car Care, SnapQuote Insurance

When it comes to summer, we are definitely on the road more. Summer road trips are the best unless your car breaks check out these summer car care tips to ensure smooth sailing this season.

What’s with the heat???

Oh ya, it’s summer.

Summers in Ontario are hot hot hot and we couldn’t be happier about it. The thing is, this heat really does a number to our cars, not to mention all the stop-and-go cottage-bound traffic. Considering this, we have to ensure we avoid any unnecessary car issues and breakdowns. The only way to combat such situations is following the below car care tips. You’ll thank us later…

#1 Check yo battery

The summer heat can really impact your car’s battery, making testing is important. Honda in Hamilton, Ontario explains that hot weather can shorten your battery’s life, explaining, “Excess heat causes battery fluid to evaporate, which damages the internal structure of the battery.”

#2 Sweet sweet air conditioning

Your car’s air conditioner is a lifesaver...if it’s not getting cold all of a sudden get it checked ASAP.

#3 Tires causing a ruckus

Firestone Tire Inflation Tips Monitoring your tire pressure can save you major headaches. Throughout the summer, it’s recommended you check your tire pressure weekly. What’s important here is ensuring your tire is properly inflated. Check out Firestone’s handy inflation tip diagram.

Wondering how you know what your tire pressure should be? You can find out by using the Firestone online tire pressure tool. Remember, your tire care should start in the morning, before hitting the road.

#4 Your car’s cooling system

It makes perfect sense that with the extreme summer heat your car’s cooling system would be extra valuable. Here is a professional tip (from Honda), monitor your coolant level, as this prevents your engine from overheating.


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