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Shift Into Winter: Prepare Your Car For The Cold

Posted Jan 22nd, 2020 in CARINSURANCE

Shift Into Winter Prepare Your Car For The Cold, SnapQuote Insurance, Ontario

Ontario's winters can be harsh on your car. Well, it's that time of year again where we must brace ourselves and our cars for the cold weather.

Living in Ontario, we are lucky enough to experience different seasons and the weather that comes along with it. Below are five tips on how to make sure your vehicle is ready to keep you safe during the coldest, snowiest of times.

Prep Your Car For Winter

1 | Winter Tires

Be proactive and book an appointment before the blizzard hits. Install a set of four matched tires that have the mountain/snowflake symbol on them. This symbol lets you know these tires are legally classified as winter tires and can handle snowy, slippery roads as well as super cold temperatures. Have all seasons? Here are some things you should know.

2 | Winter Blades Are A Must Have

Make sure you swap out your windshield wiper blades for specific winter blades. These blades are built for the challenge of severe weather conditions and can push off heavy snow and ice. In a snowstorm, you'll want the best of the blades.

3 | Fill Up Washer Fluid 

Did you know there are all-season windshield wiper fluids and winter windshield wiper fluids? Winter washer fluids built to face the extreme cold weather and won't freeze, leaving you with a sheet of ice on your windshield. Make sure you’ve filled up your reservoir – this step is just as important as swapping out your tires for a winter set.

4 | Don’t Drive With The Empty Light On

We’ve all been there where we put off filling up gas, definitely when it’s freezing outside. But this isn’t good for your car, especially in the winter. Running low on gas in cold weather conditions can allow for moisture and condensation to sneak inside the tank, which can cause fuel lines to freeze and other serious problems.

5| Be Ready For An Emergency

Pack your trunk with a shovel, a bag of salt, extra windshield washer fluid, and a set of durable mitts. You never know when you might have to dig yourself, or someone else, out from being stuck in the snow. If you need a winter checklist, here’s one to keep you on track with your car’s winter care.

Remember how important it is to give your car that extra TLC in preparation for this winter. You'll thank yourself later.

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