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Winter Car Care Tips You Need To Learn Now

Posted Jan 3rd, 2018 in CARINSURANCE

Winter Car Care Tips You Need To Learn Now, SnapQuote Insurance

The snow is here, and it’s coming on strong (just like that guy in your Sociology class). Are you in the giving spirit? If so, give your car some extra TLC this winter.

Snow, salt, and slush are hard on cars, so it’s important to follow routine maintenance to ensure your car will get you around safely this winter. To help you stay on top of your car’s winter maintenance needs, we have created a winter care checklist for your car.

Winter Care Checklist:

  1. Have a mechanic test your car battery, ensure that there is fresh antifreeze in the cooling system and that your brakes are in good working condition.
  2. Thoroughly wax your car before the cold weather hits to protect the paint. The wax can also make it easier for you when clearing off the snow!
  3. Fill up with windshield washer fluid that is rated for cold temperatures (regular fluid can freeze in the reservoir or can ice up on your windshield).
  4. Check that your wiper blades are in good shape and are able to clear snow and ice.
  5. Make sure the heater is pumping out warm air and that defrosters are working.
  6. Try and keep your car clean to stop road salt from damaging paint and corroding metal. Make sure to dry the doors after cleaning, so that they don’t freeze shut!
  7. Invest in winter tires. Check out the 4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Winter Tires
  8. Check your tire pressure weekly. Tires can lose pressure in cold weather.
  9. Keep your gas tank at least half full to prevent condensation from building up and freezing.
  10. Always fully clear snow, ice, and debris off of your car. Don’t forget the roof, windows, and the area around the windshield wipers.

You should also carry a well-stocked winter emergency kit, check out how to prepare a Winter Emergency Survival Kit for your Car


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