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Five Ingenious Ways You Can Save Money On Fuel

Posted May 16th, 2018 in CARINSURANCE

Five Ingenious Ways You Can Save Money On Fuel, SnapQuote Insurance

Spring is finally here and that means summer road trips are just around the corner. That’s why we’re giving you tips on how to save on fuel this summer.

We all love to have the windows down and tunes cranked on our road trips, but the only thing that’s in the way is the cost of fuel. The great thing is that with our tips you won’t only save on fuel this summer, you’ll lower your environmental impact as well!

#1 Drive the speed limit

Trust us, driving the speed limit and keeping your speed at a constant rate is the most efficient thing you can do when it comes to saving on fuel. Avoiding quick accelerations will extend your next visit to a gas station.

#2 Avoid slamming on the brakes

When approaching a stop light or stop sign, ease your way to it. You are putting less stress on your tires and the less you have those sudden movements the more likely you are to save on fuel.

#3 Limit your idling

Believe it or not, idling uses up more gas than if you were to turn your engine off and on again. Limiting the times you idle will save you money on fuel this summer.

#4 Use air conditioning sparingly

We totally get it, the summer heat can be sweltering and what’s better than having the AC blasting? Well, saving money is always better…The less you depend on the AC and the more you have the windows down, the more money you will save!

#5 Use cruise control  

If you're cruisin’ down the highway, it’s beneficial to use cruise control, as it actually helps you reduce your fuel consumption! Won’t you enjoy highway driving that much more now?!


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