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3 Things to Consider If You Have All-Season Tires This Winter

Posted Jan 10th, 2018 in CARINSURANCE

3 Things to Consider If You Have All-Season Tires This Winter, SnapQuote Insurance

Are you hoping those all-season tires get you through the winter? There’s no doubt that winter tires are safer for winter driving, however, there are some circumstances in which all-season tires could do the job.

In Quebec, by law, all passenger vehicles and light duty trucks must have winter tires installed by December 15, and it’s been suggested that Ontario may adapt something similar in the near future.  

3 Things to Consider If You Have All-Season Tires

#1 | Location - where you drive matters. 

In most cases, snow will be cleared from the roads in urban areas quicker than rural areas. All-season tires are more suited for driving in urban areas on cold, snow-free roads. If you are planning on traveling outside of the city in the winter months, winter tires can make your travels safer.

#2 | Speed Rating - get to know your tire rating.

Your tires speed rating lets you know the stability of the tire’s tread and rubber compound, as well as design and construction. If your tire has a higher rating, such as X, Y, or Z, it would do better at higher speeds in warm temperatures on dry roads.  If your tire has a lower rating, such as H, it might perform better in winter conditions, but not at high speeds in warmer weather.

#3 | Front, Rear, or Four-Wheel Drive - what do you have?

Did you know that all-season tires can perform better in the winter on all-wheel or front-wheel-drive vehicles? They don’t do so well on rear-wheel-drive vehicles. If you don't have winter tires, electronic stability control systems, such as traction control, can be helpful for winter driving.

Bottom line...Ontario is snowy, so winter tires are a good investment that can allow you to travel safely this winter, without limiting when or where you drive. Not convinced? Check out 4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Winter Tires.


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