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Simple Guidance for The Best Fall Car Inspection

Posted Oct 14th, 2020 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Auto Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

In Ontario, we experience a beautiful fall season. As we prepare for the cooler temperatures, we must complete our annual seasonal fall car inspection.

Simple Guidance for The Best Fall Car Inspection, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

Don’t let the fall season pass you by before completing a fall car inspection. Doing so will help ensure your vehicle is in tip-top shape moving into winter. Check out our straightforward car inspection checklist for fall.

We don’t have snow in Ontario yet (and we aren’t rushing it), but we know it’s on the horizon, so make sure you and your car are ready for the dropping temperatures!

A Simple Fall Car Inspection Checklist:

#1 Heater/Defroster |

Test how well your car defrosts itself when the cooler mornings begin. Always keep an eye on your car’s ability to heat up and defrost the windows in the fall so you are well prepared for winter weather.

#2 Brakes |

Even though fall has just begun, you can bet that icy roads are fast approaching! Ensuring your brakes are in optimal condition is vital.

#3 Winter Tires |

Once the temperature is expected to be 7 degrees Celsius or lower you should get your winter tires put on. Read our article for additional details and clarifications on the Ontario Winter Tire Discount - Shocking Revelations About the Ontario Winter Tire Discount.

All the safety benefits aside, you could also be entitled to an insurance discount for having your winter tires installed.

#4 Lights |

As the days get shorter in Ontario, we end up driving more often in the dark. Having properly functioning lights are essential, especially when you’re already in the dark on your daily commute.

#5 Cooling System |

It’s best to check your coolant level in the overflow tank when your engine is cold, making fall the perfect time to check it. If you have an older car it may require a refill of the cooling system.

# 6 Wiper Blades |

With the cooler fall temperatures, car wiper blades tend to wear down and crack quicker, making this an important thing to check so that everything is functioning properly. It’s better to get them replaced ahead of time if you start to see damage so that you can be confident you can drive in strong fall winds and heavy winter snow.

We hope you’ve found our simple guide for an effective fall car inspection helpful! This checklist will help you ensure your car is prepared to take on everything our Ontario fall may throw at us!

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