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How to Protect Your Car from Ice and Snow

Posted Feb 24th, 2020 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Auto Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

Winter weather can be extremely tough on your car. Ice, snow, and salt can be extremely damaging if you’re not careful. We’ve outlined how to protect your vehicle.    

How to Protect Your Car from Ice and Snow, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

Considering we live in Ontario, most of us are used to winter weather! That being said, we’re not all aware of how to protect our car from snow and ice.

There are many things you can do this winter to protect your car from the harshness of winter.  We’ve provided some simple winter car care tips that you should try!


  • Get snow tires! Learn about the Ontario winter tire discount.
  • In order to drive safely this winter, always ensure your tire pressure is maintained.  Inflation levels can change more rapidly during winter and this impacts your ability to control your car.
  • Pay careful attention to your snow tires and the tread.  Tread depths should never be lower than 6mm and you should never see cracking on the rubber.  Replace your winter tires if they appear to be worn.


  • Snow and ice buildup on your car’s windshield can add significant stress and weight putting the glass under stress.  If you apply heat too quickly, your windshield can crack.  Instead, start your car and set defrost to low to allow the glass to heat up slowly.
  • Have any chips repaired sooner rather than later because of the crack gets bigger, the windshield could shatter with little impact.
  • Be extra careful when chipping away ice from your car.  Use a plastic scraper and a soft brush after allowing your car to warm up. 


  • Keep up with regular washes throughout winter to rid your car of salt buildup as salt leads to damage such as corrosion and rust.
  • Wax your car to protect the paint job.  It’s best to do this before winter weather but it’s never too late. 
  • Store your car or cover it if you’re not driving it or going away.  This will help protect your car and keep it from getting rusty, dirty or scratched.

This winter, make sure you protect your vehicle from snow and ice. 

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