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Shocking Revelations About The Ontario Winter Tire Discount

Posted Nov 19th, 2018 in Auto Insurance, Did You Know?, General, In the News, Insurance Tips, Media

Winter weather has started early in Ontario! Since there’s snow, we want to make sure you know everything about the Ontario Winter Tire Discount, so you can stay safe and save money!

Ontario Winter Tire Discount, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

Considering the challenging climate we’re experiencing in the insurance industry, being able to get a discount on your auto insurance is helpful.  

Insurance companies offer a Winter Tire Discount, with the installation of winter tires. In fact, this discount is mandated by the Province of Ontario.

Winter Tire Symbol

What is considered a winter tire?

To ensure you are purchasing an approved winter tire, look for the logo with a snowflake on a peaked mountain.  Some insurance carriers will accept all-weather tires to be eligible for the winter tire discount. Make sure you check with your insurance broker before proceeding with the purchase.  

How do winter tires work?

The most important part of a winter tire is its rubber compound, which is designed to stay soft in freezing temperatures.  The tires are also narrower than summer tires because the reduction in width increases the pressure it exerts on the surface beneath it; this allows the car to slice through the snow and it also reduces hydroplaning.  Winter tires are covered with grooves that help to move water away to the sides, allowing the tire to stay in contact with the surface.

When should you install winter tires?

The best time to install your winter tires is when the temperature is expected to be 7 degrees or lower.  In these temperatures, the rubber on your summer tires becomes inflexible, destroying traction.  Winter tires are designed to perform in snowy conditions, but they also perform better on cold, dry pavement (compared to other tires). 

Why are winter tires are important?

Besides saving money on insurance, there are other benefits to installing winter tires.  Ultimately, winter tires make your ride significantly safer when driving in winter weather; they improve grip, handling, and traction. 

We hope you found this article informative and we also hope you take advantage of the winter tire discount!  Saving money and staying safe has never been so easy!

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