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How Our Safety Tips For Older Drivers Can Help

Posted Nov 12th, 2018 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Auto Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

Even though age is just a number, it’s important for drivers to recognize age-related changes. Driving safe is something we advocate for, which is why we’ve outlined helpful tips to ensure older drivers stay safe.

How Our Safety Tips For Older Drivers Can Help, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

What are some age-related concerns impacting driving?

According to the Canada Safety Council, there are many factors that influence a driver’s ability to drive safely as they age.  Some include reduced vision, hearing loss, slowed response time due to illnesses and a decrease in depth perception. 

Ontario’s Licence Renewal Program

If you live in Ontario, when you turn 80 years old, you must partake in the Licence Renewal Program. This includes a vision test, multiple choice test on driving rules and traffic signs and a safe driving and driving laws group education session.

Safety Tips For Older Drivers 

  1. If you have to wear hearing aids or glasses, ensure you are wearing them while driving
  2. Take your medication correctly and know if what you’re taking affects your ability to drive
  3. Have regular vision and hearing examinations
  4. Always wear your seat belt
  5. Never drink and drive
  6. Don’t drive at dusk and dawn because visibility is difficult
  7. Avoid driving for extended periods of time and be alert when you’re behind the wheel; refrain from driving if you are emotionally upset
  8. Use your mirrors often
  9. Don’t look at the headlights of oncoming vehicles
  10. Keep background noises to a minimum so it doesn’t affect your concentration

We hope you found these tips useful, considering age can have an impact when it comes to driving and staying safe behind the wheel, it’s important to stay informed.

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