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5 Great Cyber Security Tips While Working from Home

Posted Jul 20th, 2020 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Home Insurance, Commercial Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

Working from home is quickly becoming the norm. Whether you’re a business owner or employee, it’s important to consider cyber security and if you’re protected.

5 Great Cyber Security Tips While Working from Home, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

Cyber-attacks have become one of the greatest risks for most businesses and even some individuals. Cyber criminals are targeting vulnerable companies and stealing information or taking over their systems altogether making cyber security very important.

Considering the fact that many are now working from home, it’s essential you ensure you protect yourself against cyber threats and security breaches.

Five Helpful Cyber Security Tips for Working from Home

1 | Utilize a virtual private network (VPN)

A VPN will allow the company network to be accessed by authorized employees while keeping information such as the IP address private. It also encrypts any data being shared across the network. This is a very important tool in keeping your network secure.

2 | Encourage common sense

Make sure your employees know how important it is to practice basic cyber security common-sense while working from home (and the office). This means using strong passwords that aren’t the name of a relative or an important date and avoiding using free public WIFI.

3 | Educate employees about phishing attacks

Phishing attacks are a common way of getting access to a company’s network. Remind employees to never share personal information over email or click on links in suspicious emails. The signs of a phishing attack are an email with spelling errors or suspicious e-mail address.

4 | Keep software updated

Ensure all devices on the company network are updated with the latest antivirus, data encryption software, and anti-malware.

5 | Control employee access

Only give employees remote access to things they need. This will help control what cyber criminals may gain access to.

We hope these tips help keep your company’s network secure and safe. For cyber security insurance options or questions contact your Youngs Insurance Broker today.  

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