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How Does A Roof Rack Affect My Car Insurance?

Posted Jul 13th, 2020 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Auto Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

Installing a roof rack on your car can be very helpful for road trips with the family. However, there is a possibility that a roof rack could impact your insurance and we’ve clarified how.

How Does A Roof Rack Affect My Car Insurance? Youngs Insurance, Ontario

Whether you’re headed to the cottage with your kayak or taking your skis/snowboard to your chalet, roof racks are a great option for additional car space. However, you must inform your insurance broker and we’ve explained why…

Roof Rack = Car Modification

A roof rack is technically considered a modification and adding anything to your car may affect your eligibility for insurance or alter the type of insurance you need. You should always contact your insurance broker before making any modifications to your car. If you have already completed the installation, you should let your insurance broker know and they can ensure they find the best insurance option for you. Failing to inform could result in a denied claim.

3 Quick Tips For Roof Rack Installation

It is important to do your research when deciding which rack is best for you and how to install it. Here are some quick tips to ensure the installation goes smoothly.

#1 Choose Wisely

Each roof rack is made uniquely and has its own purpose. There are different options for specific items such as skis, snowboards, bikes, and more! Ensure you are choosing the rack that will best suit your needs.

#2 Decide the Positioning

You will often have the choice of deciding where on your vehicle’s roof you would like the rack positioned. You could choose to have it placed symmetrically in the centre, or closer to one side.

#3 Double Check Instructions

Since all racks will have different purposes, they are all set up differently and will require a unique installation. Make sure you are referring to the instructions that were made specifically for the rack you have purchased.

Roof racks can make traveling and road trips much easier, however, make sure you advise your broker. As always, we are happy to assist our clients through any scenario and provide them with options.

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