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The Best Five Summer Road Trips to Take in Ontario

Posted Jun 29th, 2020 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Auto Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

We’re so grateful and proud to live in Ontario and considering the awesome weather we have in the summer, it’s the ideal time to travel and explore with a road trip. We’ve shared our top destination picks!

The Best Five Summer Road Trips to Take in Ontario, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

With such a short season of beautiful weather that we get in Ontario, we feel the need to make the most of it and get outside as much as possible. We’re helping you take advantage of our beautiful summer months with this list of the best five road trip locations to travel to in Ontario!

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Five Ontario Road Trip Travel Destinations You’ll Love

#1 | Lake Superior’s Northern Shore

This is a beautiful drive that runs all the way from Sault Ste. Marie to Thunder Bay and further! Be prepared to make many stops, as this trip is more about the journey than the destination. There are numerous hidden beaches and historic lighthouses to explore whilst driving.

#2 | Windsor

Home to North America’s largest distillery, Hiram Walker & Sons, this is a great trip if you’re looking for an impressive whiskey tour. If you’re wanting more of a family-friendly road trip, there are many gorgeous greenspaces and waterfronts all along the way as well!

#3 | Prince Edward County

An island that is found in Lake Ontario, Prince Edward County has it all from conservation areas, provincial parks, rolling sandbanks, unique wineries, and the opportunity to really dive into nature. 

#4 | Hamilton

You may be surprised to find ‘Steel City’ on this list! We bet you didn’t know that Hamilton is actually known as the waterfall capital of the world. With over 100 waterfalls to visit including Webster’s Falls and Tiffany Falls, there are so many great opportunities for some great views and adventures on a road trip to Hamilton.

#5 | Sauble Beach

This beach is found along the Eastern Shore of Lake Huron. This beautiful beach town has so much to offer. You’ll be within an hour from several must-see sights including Tobermory’s turquoise-blue swimming holes, wave-carved grotto, and Flowerpot Island.

We hope you enjoy these travel destination tips as much as we do and explore our wonderful province! Take your family or a great group of friends and discover the beautiful scenery that surrounds us.

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