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Five Factors That Affect Your Cottage’s Safety This Summer

Posted Jun 10th, 2019 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Home Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

With summer just around the corner, you’re probably planning your time with family at the cottage. With all that excitement, make sure you’re aware of how you can keep your cottage safe this summer.

Five Factors That Affect Your Cottage’s Safety This Summer, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

What’s better than the cottage in the summer?

Warm weekends filled with quality family time, swimming in the lake, enjoying the boat, campfires and relaxing in the sun are awesome perks!  But there are some frustrating things that come along with being a cottage owner and things you can do to ensure you keep your family and cottage safe.

Five tips to keep your cottage safe this summer

#1 Do a Walk Around

Prior to heading out to your first weekend at the cottage, make sure you go ahead of time to prepare for the season.  Do a walk around and look for overhanging branches or dead trees that are close to your property or where you’ll park your car. 

#2 Pest Control

Before moving in, make sure any unwanted guests haven’t beat you to it!  If you notice that mice have occupied your space, take the necessary steps to ensure they’ll be gone for your official arrival.  Set traps and then seal off any holes or entry points.  You should also ensure your food is secured in sealed plastic containers.

#3 Protect You Cottage from Thieves

Cottages are sometimes in the middle of nowhere, secluded in the trees.  This makes your home away from home the perfect target, especially since you are only staying there occasionally throughout the summer.  There are many ways you can make your cottage a less tempting target such as ensuring expensive items are out of view from the windows.  Make sure there are locks on all doors and hide small tools that thieves could use to break a window.  You can also install motion activated lights and alarm systems. 

#4 Keep an Eye on Your Wood Stove

Some summer nights are cool, and you may still use the wood stove; ensure it is safe to use prior to lighting a fire.  Do an inspection on the stove and chimney and remove any debris.  You may want to keep a window cracked when you have a fire to avoid a back-draft situation in the event a door gets opened. 

#5 Install Alarms and Have a Fire Escape Plan

Always ensure your family is safe by installing smoke alarms.  It’s also important to have a fire escape plan so everyone is prepared in case of a fire.  It’s a good idea to have a carbon monoxide detector, especially if your cottage is equipped with a gas fireplace.  Ensure you have fire extinguishers and that every family member knows where they are and how to use them.

We hope you found these cottage safety tips helpful and that you enjoy your time away!

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