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Are You Prepared For An Ice Storm?

Posted Feb 12th, 2020 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Home Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

Ice is great in a drink on a hot summer day, but a disaster when it comes in the form of an ice storm in the middle of February. Prepare your home with these tips.

Are You Prepared For An Ice Storm? Youngs Insurance, Ontario

It seems like it has become a tradition that every winter we experience at least one ice storm that causes extreme havoc and damage to many homes.

As you get your home ready for winter, be sure to inform yourself on how to properly prepare for an ice storm, while avoiding any snow and ice damage.    

Four Clever Ice Storm Preparation Tips

#1 Eliminate Concerning Branches

In the event of an imminent ice storm, prepare by inspecting all trees close to your home or on your property that could potentially damage anything close, including parked cars. Cut down any branches you feel will fall with ice accumulation or hire someone to do this.

#2 Protect Your Windows

Purchase weather stripping from a hardware store and use it to seal your windows. This will prevent water from penetrating and either freezing and creating gaps or leaking into your home.

#3 Install Gutter Guards

In the event of an ice storm, gutter guards will prevent the accumulation of ice in your gutters. This will help avoid both flooding and damage to your gutters.

#4 Protect Your Pool

I know you’ve closed your pool so you’re thinking that you don’t need to do anything more this winter. That’s not correct! You must clear off your pool cover, as an ice storm will turn any snow on the cover into ice, making it heavy and likely cause the cover to rip.

We hope these tips help prepare you for the next ice storm. For more tips read our Preventing Snow and Ice Damage blog

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