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Halloween Safety Tips that Will Haunt You Forever

Posted Oct 1st, 2019 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Home Insurance, Auto Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

The countdown is on… Halloween is in 30 days!!! We have some spooktacular safety tips to ensure both your home and child are safe this Halloween.

Halloween Safety Tips that Will Haunt You Forever, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

Everyone’s favourite unofficial holiday is quickly approaching! Children can’t wait to dress-up and get candy, while adults can’t wait to eat their candy.

Whether you’re a homeowner or parent, we have some safety tips to help keep everyone safe this Halloween.

Five Halloween Home Safety Tips

  1. Instead of real candles, use battery-powered candles in your pumpkins.
  2. Use nut-free candy or hand out small Halloween themed items such as pencils and stickers.
  3. Remove any trip hazards and keep any Halloween decorations away from walkways.
  4. Ensure all outdoor lighting is in working order; Halloween-themed orange lights are a nice touch to add a little extra lighting.
  5. If real candles are more your style be sure someone is supervising them at all times.

Eight Halloween Safety Tips for Children and Guardians

  1. Avoid rural and dark roads with insufficient lighting.
  2. A child’s vision can be obstructed by a mask; instead, use makeup or face paint to jazz up your child’s Halloween costume.
  3. Always communicate any allergies the trick-or-treater may have to the person handing out treats.
  4. An adult should accompany any children under the age of 12 on Halloween night.
  5. For additional visibility and safety, attach reflective tape to the front and back of the child’s Halloween costume.
  6. An adult should inspect all Halloween treats before a child eats them. Ensure nothing has been tampered with and you are okay with your child eating certain treats.
  7. Stay away from houses that have insufficient lighting. They may be trying to add to the spookiness of Halloween, but this puts your safety at risk.
  8. Avoid any props with sharp or pointy tips and instead, use props that are flexible to help prevent any accidents.  

Don’t forget, if you are driving Halloween night, keep everyone’s safety in mind and drive slowly. From everyone at Youngs Insurance Brokers Inc. we hope you enjoy a safe and fun Halloween!

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