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October is #CarSafetyMonth

Posted Sep 30th, 2019 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Auto Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

Did you know that October is car safety awareness month? It’s a fantastic time of year to ensure your car is in good shape and prepared for winter.

October is #CarSafetyMonth, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

With the inevitable arrival of winter approaching it’s important to make sure your car is ready for the harsh weather ahead. We wanted to provide you with six safety maintenance tips to kick off #CarSafetyMonth.

Preparing for Car Safety Awareness Month

#1 Get Your Fluids…

The fluids in your car are extremely important!  Ensure your engine oil, power steering, windshield, and coolant/anti-freeze are all topped up with their respective fluids. 

#2 Don’t Get Caught in the Cold…

With the cold weather on its way, ensure your vehicle's heat system and front/rear defroster are in working order. 

#3 Light it Up…

An important safety feature on your car is your lights.  Make sure they are in working order so you can see and be seen. 

#4 Wipe it Away…

Check your windshield wipers - they are key to your safety and the safety of others. Replace any worn out and/or damaged blades.

#5 Low Battery…

Check your battery under the hood of the car and ensure there is no corrosion at the connections.  Also, test to see its remaining life.

#6 Rubber Meets the Road…

Inspect your tires and make sure there are no bald spots, bulges, and that your tread depth is still sufficient. For added safety and potential savings on insurance, look into winter tires.

We hope these safety tips were helpful and that you’ll get into a regular maintenance routine to prolong the life of your vehicle and to keep you safe.

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