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12 Important Back To School Road Safety Tips

Posted Aug 19th, 2019 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Auto Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

With students heading back to school, undoubtedly roads are going to become busier, that’s why it’s important you follow our safety tips!

12 Important Back To School Road Safety Tips, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

Our goal is to help students get to and from school safely! We’ve outlined Back to School Road Safety Tips for those driving, walking and taking public transportation.

Driving Safety Tips

Tip 1 | Be aware of school zones and observe all speed limits
Tip 2 | Make sure the cross wall is completely cleared before continuing.
Tip 3 | Be sure your kid is on the same side of the street as your vehicle when dropping them off or picking them up.
Tip 4 | Children are unpredictable, be sure to watch for them dating out from in front of parked cars or off the sidewalk.

Walking Safety Tips

Tip 1 | Put the gadgets away to avoid distractions. If kids walk without you remind them of this rule.
Tip 2 | Work with your child to develop a route to school. Show them where the crosswalks, stop signs and homes of friends or relatives are along the route.
Tip 3 | Make sure your child knows to be on high alert while crossing the street.
Tip 4 | Find a friend, neighbor or family member for your child to walk with this is a more safe and enjoyable way to walk to school.

Bus Safety Tips

Tip 1 | No mater which direction you are coming from be sure to stop as soon as a school busses red lights start flashing.
Tip 2 | If you do not stop for a school bus you can be fined $400 - $2000 and lose 6 demerit points for your first offence.
Tip 3 | Stop at least 5 meters away from school busses
Tip 4 | Once the red lights stop flashing and the bus begins to move proceed with caution because there may still be kids in the area that can dart onto the road.

Make sure you are alert and follow our back to school safety tips!

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