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Fleet Owners: The Best Apps to Prevent Distracted Driving

Posted Feb 13th, 2019 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Commercial Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

If you’re a fleet owner, distracted driving is most definitely a growing concern. In an effort to help ensure your drivers are staying engaged on the road, we’ve shared the best apps to monitor this.

Fleet Owners: The Best Apps to Prevent Distracted Driving, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

We all know the dangers of distracted driving, especially with the new laws Ontario implemented January 1, 2019, regarding this.

If you have a fleet of drivers working for you, we recommend you implement techniques to ensure they refrain from engaging in any distracted driving behaviours. Considering distracted driving is the fastest growing expense for fleet businesses; you need solutions to manage this problem!

4 Fantastic Apps That Encourage Engaged Driving

When it comes to ensuring your drivers operate your company vehicles safely, we’ve provided you with new technology you can encourage your drivers to use.

1 |  LifeSaver App

This is the top-rated ‘do not disturb’ while driving app. It automatically locks cellular devices at driving speeds. As a fleet owner, you can make it mandatory for drivers to download this app to their mobile phones.  The Fleet Portal also provides policy management and supports the administration of multiple groups within a company. 

2 | Cellcontrol App

If you want your drivers to stay safe, Cellcontrol is another great app to utilize.  It stops texting, messaging, selfies and social media use (to name a few) so that drivers aren’t inclined to use or look at their mobile devices while driving.

3 | SafeDrivePod App

This is a well-known app that disables everything on your mobile device while you are driving. Furthermore, your device can be mounted in the vehicle and sends out a wireless signal to indicate when your driver is driving.  The SafeDrivePod app really reiterates the importance of getting your employees home safe.

4 | TextLimit App

This app prevents predefined features on a phone from functioning when the phone is moving at a certain speed, so drivers won’t be distracted by their mobile phone alerts.

In addition to these apps, most mobile devices have a ‘Do Not Disturb’ option.

If you are a fleet owner, we hope you found this information helpful and you implement a strategy such as one of these apps to ensure your drivers aren’t driving distracted.

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