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9 Precious Tips To Help With Winter Driving

Posted Feb 4th, 2019 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Auto Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

The winter weather has hit Ontario! Considering the mild start to the winter we had, you may not have been prepared for driving in the snow, that’s why we’ve shared helpful tips.

9 Precious Tips To Help With Winter Driving, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

In an effort to help you avoid common driving issues this winter, we’ve outlined useful strategies to minimize vehicle inconveniences.

Tips to Help With Winter Driving

  1. Winter Tires – ensure your tire tread's depth and pressure is good. Invest in winter tires, as they make winter driving much safer, plus, with the Ontario Winter Tire Discount, you're saving money! Also, don’t forget to check your spare tire’s pressure.
  2. Lights & Taillights – check your interior and exterior lights to see if they are working properly.
  3. Monitor Fluids – before you get on the road make sure you clean, flush and add more antifreeze to your system and top up all your fluids.
  4. Invest In Wiper Blades – switch to winter wiper blades as they really help in freezing temperatures and snow and use winter weather washer fluid. It’s not safe to use wiper blades that are worn out.
  5. Be Prepared -  it is essential you have jumper cables, a snow brush, an ice scraper and a winter emergency survival kit that includes a flashlight, flares, blanket, snacks and water in your vehicle.
  6. Heaters & Defrosters – check that your heaters and defrosters work properly before you start your morning commute.
  7. Oil Change – make sure you change your oil and during the winter months, it is beneficial to use ‘winter weight’ oil in your vehicle.   
  8. Battery – have your battery checked to ensure optimal performance, as cold weather is hard on vehicle batteries.  
  9. Gas Tank – during the winter months it is important that you keep your gas tank half full always, to avoid freezing in the gas lines.

In addition, we recommend you’re informed and aware of common winter vehicle maintenance issues.

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