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6 Awesome Ways You Can Save Money on Heating Your Home

Posted Jan 14th, 2019 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Home Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

The frigid winter weather is headed our way and, as a homeowner, you know how expensive it can be to heat your home. We have tips to help you save money on heating this winter.

Save Money on Heating Your Home, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

There is a distinct divide between wanting to be warm and saving money. Unfortunately, with the Ontario winters we don’t really have a choice. Below are some tips on how you can lower your energy bill and keep your home warm this winter.

Six Awesome Ways To Save On Heating This Winter

#1 Layers + Blankets            

Before you turn up the heat, warm yourself up by wearing a sweater or using blankets.  It’s cozy and cost effective!

#2 Seal Windows and Doors

Windows in older homes or apartments can be drafty.  You can lower your heating bill by up to 10% simply by applying a role of weather strip to your windows. 

#3 Heat Up by Cooking

Did you know that cooking with your oven heats your home? This winter, try to cook more at home using your oven, it will help warm up your home.

#4 Change the Filter on Your Furnace

Changing the filter on forced-air furnaces can save you up to 5% on your energy bill.  A clean filter also helps to reduce dust in the home.

#5 Warm Your Floors

While some people think of carpets as a thing of the past, they act as insulators.  Bare floors can account for as much as 10% of heat loss so adding an area rug will help keep your home warmer.

#6 Upgrade Your Furnace

Upgrading to an efficient heating system can save you money on your energy bill and insurance!  Contact your broker today if you have recently upgraded your furnace – you may qualify for a discount on your home policy!

We hope you stay warm this winter and save some money on heating with our helpful tips! 

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