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3 Common Winter Vehicle Maintenance Issues

Posted Jan 28th, 2019 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Auto Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

With the harsh winter weather our vehicles have to combat, there is no surprise we may encounter maintenance problems throughout the season. We’ve provided solutions to potential issues you may need this winter season.

3 Common Winter Vehicle Maintenance Issues, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

#1 When Your Vehicle Will Not Start

If your vehicle is left outside for a while and will no longer start you need to follow these instructions. Make sure you have everything turned off (i.e. radio, heat, lights) before you try to turn it on. Turn your key and hold it for 20 seconds to see if that makes it start. Henkel Technologies strongly advises, “Do not continuously crank your key in the ignition if the car fails to turn on.” If your vehicle still will not turn on, you may require a jump start to get you moving.

Helpful Solutions:

WikiHow has a variety of useful recommendations and we've shared a few below for reference.

  • Always have jumper cables in your vehicle
  • Utilize an engine block heater or try a battery wrap to keep things warm
  • Keep your fuel tank full

#2 The Frustrating Frozen Gas Line

When it comes to winter vehicle maintenance, having too much water in your gas line can lead to freezing. It’s essential you discuss your options with your mechanic, but, keeping your gas tank full can sometimes help you avoid this issue.

#3 The Way The Cold Impacts Your Tires

The cold impacts your tires in a couple different ways, but most frequently it affects their pressure. That’s why having proper winter tires are important as they are made to handle the climate winter weather. When you bring your car to get winter maintenance done speak with your mechanic regarding the importance of replacing all tires at the same time, rather than just the front or rear.

Stay warm this winter by utilizing our three common car problems.

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Source: Henkel Technologies, Author Kelly Turner

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