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Fall in Love With These Outdoor Maintenance Tips

Posted Sep 17th, 2018 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Home Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

With fall approaching it's time to start thinking about that outdoor maintenance that needs to get done. We’ve provided you with an efficient checklist for reference!  

Fall in Love With These Outdoor Maintenance Tips, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

By being proactive with your outdoor maintenance, you are preventing having a bigger headache later. Use this checklist to ensure you’re all set for fall.

Fall Outdoor Maintenance Checklist

#1 Close Your Pool

Schedule a time for someone or yourself to close the pool. It’s not a hard task if you know what to do however, a little mistake could be very costly. If you are having someone else come to close your pool, it’s important to book your appointment ASAP to ensure you get a spot before things start to freeze.

#2 BBQ Clean Up

Unless you are a die-hard barbeque person, you probably won’t be using the grill into fall.  That said, it's a good idea to do some preemptive cleaning. Brush off the grill,  clean or replace the burners, store the propane in a safe location and cover the BBQ with its storage top. These tasks will help prolong its lifespan.

#3 Store Outdoor Furniture

Patio furniture can be expensive, so why spend extra money on a new set every couple of years? Storing them in a safe place away from the elements will keep them looking as good as new.

#4 Be Prepared

Living in Ontario, we know that snow can fall at the drop of a hat, that’s why it's important to plan ahead. Dig up those shovels that are buried beneath layers of gardening appliances, go out and by some de-icing salt and perhaps consider buying a generator so that you never have to be without power.

Although these tips don’t apply to everyone, we hope you are able to take something away to help with your fall outdoor maintenance.

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