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New Thoughts on Autonomous Vehicles that Will Shock You

Posted May 25th, 2018 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Auto Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

Autonomous vehicles are the future and will soon be taking over the roads, which is why as a driver, it’s important you’re informed.

New Thoughts on Autonomous Vehicles that Will Shock You, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

As we mentioned in How to Prepare for the Autonomous Vehicle Future, 2020 is when experts predict autonomous vehicles will be on Ontario roads. Since that date is approaching quickly, we wanted to provide you with the insight needed to know about the vehicles of our future.

The basics about autonomous vehicles

An autonomous vehicle is a vehicle that has the ability to maneuver itself without any human interaction. There are five different levels of autonomous cars, each level demonstrates technological advancements.

The 5 levels of autonomous vehicles

Level 0 | The driver controls the vehicle at all times.

Level 1 | Most functions for this level are still controlled by the driver, however, steering or accelerating can be done by the car.

Level 2 | This level is where it gets interesting. There is at least one driver assistance program functioning at the same time without any human driver interfering.

Level 3 | As drivers are still necessary, the autonomous vehicle is able to execute full function and tasks. However, this can only be done in certain environments such as highways, freeways and under clear weather conditions. The system will warn the driver when its limitations are being reached and can no longer perform under the autonomous vehicle system.

Level 4 | This is the fully autonomous system that is designed to perform all driving functions on any roadway conditions. However, the system may ask the driver to take on the controls of the vehicle has it does not function in every driving scenario.

Level 5 | The last level does not require any human being to drive or monitor the car, it is a fully autonomous vehicle.

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