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The Truth Behind Highway Sign Messages

Posted Apr 11th, 2018 in Media, General, Insurance Tips, Auto Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

During your morning commute, do you notice the highway signs that advise you of upcoming traffic? We thought we’d explain where this information comes from and how accurate it is.

The Truth Behind Highway Sign Messages, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

You are probably asking yourself, who inputs this information, how can they see what’s happening ahead on the highway and how accurate is this information. According to Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation, travel time featured on highway signs are “updated by Bluetooth sensors deployed at key locations along the freeway.”

#1 Bluetooth Sensors

Every new car has a media access control address that allows highway sign sensors to pick up how long it takes to drive a specific stretch of highway. From there, an algorithm determines how slow vehicles are moving and will adjust the sign to advise drivers of ahead traffic conditions.

#2 Providing Route Options

Use highway signs to your advantage, as they alert you with enough time to think about staying on the highway or departing.

If you see a sign ahead that alerts you to slow moving traffic, you can change your route. If you decide to stay on the highway, start to slow down, as this will alert the vehicles behind you of the slow-moving traffic ahead.

Some signs in addition to advising you of upcoming traffic will also advise lane closures, safety reminders and much more. As a driver, you should always read highway signs as they provide useful information.

#3 The Future Impact

Since Bluetooth sensors allow for the tracking of individual vehicles, as we prepare for the autonomous car future, these sensors will be able to know how many cars are in between each sensor.

Hopefully, this provided you with insightful information on highway signs. Remember to use them to your advantage and stay safe on the highway!

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