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Why Aren't You Installing Patches and Updates?

Posted Jul 7th, 2017 in General, Insurance Tips, Home Insurance, Commercial Insurance, Did You Know?, In the News

Even after the WannaCry global ransomware attack in May, people still aren’t updating their software. These cyber attacks could have been less serious if people updated their software.

The Petya ransomware in Europe targeted the same vulnerability as WannaCry. Considering these cyber attacks could have been less serious if people updated their software, why aren’t they?
WannaCry Ransomeware, Youngs Insurance, Ontario

It Isn’t Easy.

Keeping computer systems up to date is not easy. Running software updates can take a long time to install and can result in compatibility issues with other software. Most updates and patches are free, but sometimes it costs money to have an IT personnel to install them.

It Isn’t Necessary.

It is hard to know which software updates are really needed. For example, on March 14 Microsoft released an update with 18 individual installations. One security company blogged about the most important updates to install, missing the update that protected against the WannaCry vulnerability. Cyber threats are making it increasingly difficult to manage software updates and maintain the computer systems function.

I’m Not An Expert.

A study of 8.4 million computers found that it can take a computer user with some expertise about 24 days to perform an installation. It took up to 45 days before 50% of non-experts performed the installation. For those using older versions of Windows, the updates might not be supported.

Outdated software can leave you vulnerable. Updated, patched software can help to keep you secure.

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